Drishya AI Enters Into Alliance With MAC Engineering

Drishya AI Labs enters into an alliance with MAC Engineering to bring innovative Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to MAC’s customers in Calgary

Akshmin Kaur

Chief Of Staff

May 3, 2021

We, at Drishya AI Labs, are thrilled to announce a collaboration with engineering experts of Calgary, MAC Engineering to provide Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and services to their customers. This will allow us to provide customers with insight into the efficiencies of their processes and harness their data to optimize operations, increase profitability, and improve business systems.

MAC Engineering Inc. is a multidiscipline engineering solutions provider specializing in hi-technology and capital-intensive industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, petrochemical, wastewater, and food processing.

They provide tailored services and solutions for automation engineering, control system integration, electrical, instrumentation, civil, and mechanical engineering. MAC can provide full project lifecycle services to carry out the design of a system from the conceptual stage, engineering phase, through to implementation, start up and commissioning.

Our association will help further enhance MAC Engineering’s value proposition to their clients.

Drishya focuses on SaaS based AI solutions for the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors. Our SaaS driven innovation strategy will provide benefits to their customers in the form of optimized operations, increased profitability, improved business decisions, lower cost of adoption, reduced operating cost, emissions and manpower requirements.

Our AI-based solutions include Artisan, Brains, and voltOS which are used for creating Digital Twins from engineering drawings, plant behaviour modeling from historical data, and facilitating smart microgrids.

Leveraging next-gen technologies is part of MAC's commitment to innovation in Cloud, IoT, and AI - and with this partnership we will help their customers and the industry move forward into the future.