Drishya AI Labs & Bennett University form industry academia alliance to strengthen innovation in AI

Drishya AI and Bennett's Computer Science & Engineering dept have formed an industry-academia alliance.

Akshmin Kaur

Chief of Staff

July 30, 2021

Innovation keeps our industry and the world going. And in the spirit to strengthen innovation in AI, Drishya AI Labs & Bennett University are forming an industry academia alliance.

The primary focus of the Alliance is to create a knowledge and resource exchange, wherein both organisations will work together to develop AI models, solutions, case studies, joint research and talent in the applications of AI in the energy domain.

Drishya AI will provide meaningful engagement opportunities to students of Bennett University through internships and projects by creating unique out-of-classroom learning opportunities for students where they solve real-world problems through experiential learning projects using artificial intelligence–based solutions. These internships and projects will make the students industry-ready and provide them with real-time mentorship from in-house industry experts.

Bennett University, a Times of India group initiative, is India's fastest-growing university. Established in 2016, it aims to provide Ivy League Quality education in India to undergraduate and postgraduate students in Engineering, Applied Sciences, Management, Law, Media & Liberal arts and make them life and career-ready.

Its Computer Science and Engineering Department, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, is engaged in teaching, training and research in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Applications in Healthcare and Smart Living.

Bennett has academic collaborations with the leading universities from the UK and the USA. The university’s high-end research laboratories include NVIDIA SuperComputer Lab for Deep learning, Dell EMC – Bennett Data Analytics Lab, Amazon Alexa Voice Recognition Lab, Apple iMac Lab and Supercomputer lab, which allow the students to learn while working with the latest technologies. In addition to this, students get to learn under the leadership of expert faculty.

Drishya AI Labs focuses on SaaS-based AI solutions for the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors. Our SaaS-driven innovation strategy will provide benefits to their customers in the form of optimized operations, increased profitability, improved business decisions, lower cost of adoption, reduced operating cost, GHG emissions and manpower requirements.

Our AI-based solutions include Artisan, Brains, and voltOS which are used for creating Digital Twins from engineering drawings, plant behaviour modelling from historical data, and facilitating smart microgrids.

Through this alliance with the Computer Science and Engineering Department, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences at Bennett University, we will further cement the link between industry and academia.