Drishya AI Labs & MGRID Energy partner for deploying AI-enabled renewable energy microgrids

Drishya AI Labs, is happy to announce a collaboration with MGRID Energy Inc., a Yukon based First Nations-owned sustainable energy company.

Akshmin Kaur

Chief of Staff

July 19, 2021

Drishya AI and MGRID Energy are collaborating to deploy AI solutions that will enable MGRID’s clients to achieve greater energy independence, energy security and energy sustainability by improving the efficiency of their solar array set ups, hybrid energy grids, and biomass systems.  

MGRID Energy’s vision is to provide reliable sustainable energy to companies that operate in remote areas, primarily in Canada's North. They aim to revolutionize Canadian energy by marketing AI-infused sustainable clean energy solutions to natural resource companies, First Nations governments, and Canadian government.

MGRID Energy uses cutting-edge communication technology in off grid environments and is experienced in building and designing clean energy systems for First Nation's communities. They have provided a variety of off grid energy production and storage systems and solutions for remote community development projects within the Yukon Territory. They provide their clients with modular “turnkey” solutions, working with their clients from the development stage to start up.

Drishya focuses on SaaS based AI solutions for the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors. Our SaaS driven innovation strategy will provide benefits to their customers in the form of optimized operations, increased profitability, improved business decisions, lower cost of adoption, reduced operating cost, GHG emissions and manpower requirements.  

Our AI-based solutions include Artisan, Brains, and voltOS which are used for creating Digital Twins from engineering drawings, plant behaviour modelling from historical data, and facilitating smart microgrids.  

This partnership will help further support MGRID’S mission by deploying voltOS, our AI enabled Digital Electricity Operating System, to upgrade their microgrids into smart microgrids. It will give MGRID a competitive edge in their expansion into northern oil gas and mining industries, and government projects in the rapidly developing renewable energy market in Canada's North.