Drishya Turns 1 : A Look Back Through The Year

2500 AI/ML models, 1.25 million lines of code, over 2000 code commits - This is just a sneak peak at all we achieved as we turned 1.

Akshmin Kaur

Chief of Staff

February 12, 2021

Drishya Turns 1!

Today, we are seen as amongst the Top 20 CleanTech Companies in Alberta, which is becoming the centre of the CleanTech industry in Canada. A feat that would have been impossible to achieve without our talented team and the invaluable support of our advisors Jeff, TJ, Donovan and Prof. Dinesh and supporting organisations like Foresight, PTAC, ACTia, Platform Calgary, NRC-IRAP, Calgary Economic Development, Amazon Web Services, NASSCOM.

A year ago, when we incorporated the company on a cold winter day in Calgary, we could not have foreseen what the year would bring - the excitement, the challenges and the unknowns.

A look back at how far we have come:

  • We have grown into a team of 31 people (full-timers and part-timers included) with a combined experience of over 250 years
  • We are truly a post-Covid company. We work out of 15 cities across 3 countries : Bangalore, Calgary, Delhi, Ghazipur, Gopalganj, Gorakhpur, Jaipur, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Pune, ┬áSingapore and Vizianagaram. Most of us have only met virtually but we are together in our mission.
  • Our Artisan and Brains products have shown true innovation on how to deploy AI/ML in the energy domain.
  • We have trained over 2,500 AI/ML models, written over 1,250,000 lines of code and done over 2,000 code commits.
  • We are adding a new business partner every month to our network .
  • And as a sign of the pace of our growth, our website has evolved 4 times in the last one year.

We are super-excited at driving true innovation in Cleantech AI as we Make Energy Intelligent & Clean.

Looking forward to the impact we deliver over the next many years.