EnviroApps & Drishya AI partner to automate industrial ESG data collection for digital transformation

Drishya AI Labs is happy to announce a collaboration with Calgary-based EnviroApps Inc.

Akshmin Kaur

Chief of Staff

April 4, 2023

Drishya AI Labs is happy to announce a collaboration with Calgary-based EnviroApps Inc., a cloud-based software application company digitalizing shipping documents to track and report on hazardous waste and dangerous goods during transportation. By integrating our AI solution with their software, we will assist each other's customers in enhancing safety, ensuring adherence to regulations, reducing expenses, and simplifying the collection of ESG data.

The partnership between Drishya AI Labs and EnviroApps will transform the way the Energy industry collects ESG data - mainly focusing on Oil & Gas, and other process-oriented industries like chemicals manufacturing and distribution, to name a few use cases. By combining our expertise, we want to help the industry to meet decarbonization goals, reduce costs, and improve compliance while ensuring safe operations.


“Drishya makes a perfect partner for EnviroApps as we have a proven regulatory compliant solution in use by our clients for more than 5 years and its time to take it to the next level of optimization and automation”, says Amit Bhargava, Co-founder & CEO of EnviroApps Inc. “The upcoming mandatory ESG requirements, especially the quantification and reporting of Scope 3 emissions will be streamlined and automated as we work together on solving this complex and massive problem, one truck at a time.”

"We are excited to partner with EnviroApps to enable the industry transition to digitalization," comments Amardeep Sibia, CEO of Drishya AI Labs. "Our AI technology can help predict and reduce generation of toxic waste and automate the tracking and monitoring of dangerous goods, making their transportation safer and more efficient. We also look forward to quantifying and automating ESG data for our clients with the help of their software. The partnership between Drishya AI Labs and EnviroApps is a significant step towards a more sustainable future.” 

About EnviroApps

EnviroApps is a Calgary-based cloud software application company helping the industry transition to digital shipping documents. Regulations require shipping documents to accompany dangerous goods and hazardous waste during their transport, however, when an emergency event occurs, Emergency Responders cannot access those paper documents from the Truck. EnviroApps is making lives better by improving safety, ensuring compliance, saving costs and making ESG data collection effortless.

About Drishya Al Labs Inc.

Drishya AI Labs is an award-winning deep-tech industrial artificial intelligence company. Drishya enables Oil & Gas producers, Utilities, EPCs and equipment manufacturers to meet their decarbonization goals by using AI to build digital twins of brownfield industrial plants. Drishya also embeds intelligence and makes new-age equipment intelligent from the ground up, enabling faster and scalable adoption of equipment essential for meeting net-zero targets. Drishya AI Labs is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a subsidiary in Bangalore, India.